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What is Customer Service?

Customer service is the service that is provided by you and your staff to your customers before, during and after they buy or employ products or services.

If your customer service is good, it means that you are meeting customer expectations. This results in customer satisfaction. On the other hand, bad customer service results in complaints. It also means that you lose present and future sales as people engage the services of your competitors.

Good customer service involves the development of a bond with your customers – initiating trust – that will lead to ongoing, long-term relationships. Your aim should be to establish such relationships with customers with the implicit understanding that they are mutually beneficial. You meet your customers’ needs, and they meet your need for repeat business. The idea is that they will stay with your company. Good customer service, however, is not a trivial matter – it cannot be achieved easily. It can take a while to establish good customer service. Your aim should be to deliver customer service of a consistently high quality. Achieving this requires investment.

Investing in Customer Service

Developing your people’s customer service skills in the workplace is a practical, effective and very cost-efficient development path. Employees not only improve their performance, they also gain in confidence, morale and productivity. At Alternative Partnership, our Business and Training Consultants work in partnership with employers to design a Training Needs Analysis (TNA) which informs the selection and design of our standard and bespoke programmes. With a picture of the trainee journey, our experienced and qualified Business and Training Consultants, and our assessors, can accommodate the development needs and progression routes of every individual and organisation.

Alternative Partnership recently designed a bespoke programme of customer service training for a company in our region. The design of the course was based on a thoroughgoing Training Needs Analysis of the company. Below you will find comments that were made by the learners enrolled on the course as feedback to Alternative Partnership.

  • ‘An excellent course: I learnt a lot both for my personal life and for business’
  • ‘Everything on the course was beneficial because it put everyday tasks into perspective’
  • ‘Would recommend Alternative Partnership because the course offered excellent insight into how to make the business better’
  • ‘Overall the course was excellent because it gets everyone on the team to open up and understand one another’s requirements’
  • ‘We were allowed to talk and were listened to’
  • ‘The entirety of the course was beneficial because it related exactly to the issues within our company’
  • ‘Great insight into operating a business on a customer service level’
  • ‘A very concise, professional and well thought through course’
  • ‘Hugely interesting and eye-opening’
  • ‘Having learned the SWOT Analysis I have grown as a team member’
  • ‘There was no ‘fat’ on the programme. Everything was tailored very precisely’
  • ‘Helpful in that it made significant changes in the day-to-day running of the business’
  • ‘I really enjoyed opening up about our issues’

If you require customer service training for you and your staff that is not tailor-made to  company requirements, but takes the learner through a comprehensive programme of training on the subject, try our online customer service course. A free trial is available.

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