Customer Service in the Spotlight

Both before and after a customer buys your product or service it is important to provide support to your customer in order that they have an easy and enjoyable experience engaging with your business.

More than simply answering customers’ questions, this support is customer service, and it is part of the promise you brand makes to your customers. Customer service is essential to the ongoing and future success of your business

Customer service usually impacts your bottom line

It has frequently been said that keeping existing customers is cheaper than finding new ones. Indeed, it has been estimated that gaining new custom costs six to seven times more. Poor customer service will see business drop away. A highly significant proportion of customers – nearly three quarters – leave because of the poor treatment that they have received.

Customer support impacts on your reputation as a business

Customers nowadays are social, mobile consumers. They are used to getting what they want, when they want it (perhaps even instantly). Consequently, expectations have risen. Indeed, customer expectations of companies regularly used by them are getting higher all the time. What’s more? – customers will share negative experiences of poor customer service online: on facebook, twitter, linkedin, tripadvisor etc. The result is that the products you supply and services you provide are only as good as the customer service with which you back the up. Therefore, it is vital that you support customers in every way from the beginning of the interaction.

Customer service is essential to being competitive

Previously, individuals would choose which companies they did business with according to price or brand. Now, they overall experience is the motivation for that choice, including the level of customer service and support given. The majority of SMEs now expect to compete with each other based on customer experience. The need for customer support motivates this dynamic; but you can only achieve this if you broaden the role of support teams beyond a purely reactive role. When your employees are empowered to go the extra mile with your customers, they will create excellent experiences that makes it easy to up-sell or cross-sell services also relevant to those customers, and that will make your business stand out from the rest.

Customers will now pay more for a better customer experience

Putting the focus on customer experience is the smart thing to do. Not only will your customers be favourable towards you, you will increase profits. Customers will now pay more for better customer service. You might structure your service in tiers with a premium service, which includes support, other features and benefits. You might present a platinum, gold, silver and bronze tier. Whatever you choose to do it will be to the benefit of your bottom line

Customer support is an integral part of the experience

The distinction between products and services is blurring. Customer service is now part of the product itself. You might associate this sort of thing with big companies providing mobile telecoms, and utilities. Small companies, however, are now integrating product with service. Some achieve this by integrating support centres into the outlying margins of their websites and into their headers and footers. Some include articles relating to support to particular pages on their websites. App companies are now adding ways for customers to log tickets as part of their customer experience

Customers Service is a changing and essential factor to businesses that wish to remain relevant in the marketplace. Alternative Partnership offers traditional and online training programmes to businesses like yours, regardless of size. Our traditional training can be bespoke according to need, based on a training needs analysis of your organisation. Our online course is based on current trends in thought on customer service. Alternative Partnership offers a free trial of the first unit, which will allow you to judge the quality of the training – it speaks for itself.

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