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Small businesses, Self-employed and Sole Traders are feeling the strain under the current COVID19 restrictions not knowing where to turn to for support. We’re pleased to be working with Skills Bank – Sheffield City Region to provide support and guidance to self-employed and sole trader businesses via our Pathway to Recovery Success training programme.

What is the Skills Bank?

“Skills Bank gives employers across the Sheffield City Region access to high-quality training and funding to enable them to develop their business.

Skills Bank has recently made additional support available to help businesses affected by the Coronavirus.” Found [online] at

Sheffield City Region trainingThe course, 100% contribution through the skills bank for qualifying businesses*, is over six, three-hour virtual interactive seminars and business coaching, where our team of highly qualified and experienced professionals will guide you through all the skills and strategies you need to get you and your business back on the Pathway to Recovery Success.

The course is held between November 2020 to February 2021, exact dates will be confirmed to successful applicants.

To be considered for Skills Bank 100% support contribution, please express your interest here

The Six modules include:

1. Business Resilience

Objectives cover the Business resilience, analysing the areas of flexibility and adaptability, business strategy linking the critical steps for evolving new ways of conducting business. This will include strategic and operational practical planning.

2. Cashflow, Finance and Budgeting

Cashflow, finance and business budgeting along with practical activities for business finance plans supporting 3, 6 and 12 months for the recovery process. This will include financial health risk assessment and planning techniques.

3. Business Promotion and Lead Generation

On this segment we’ll cover promotion into new markets looking at the customer based, different ways to generate new leads and sales, different methods for promoting business.

4. Reactivating Customers and Diversification

Builds on promotion of new markets and adapting to changing customer base, diversifying customer connections and re-engaging existing customers.

5. Digital Marketing

Digital platforms for communicating promotion and sales. This will cover Website, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms, how these impact and practical activities to plan social media and additional support to set up social media accounts.

6. Bringing it all together

On this final session we cover implementation of all planning, evaluating Networks and delivery of business strategy through to the methods of Supply Chain to the customer.

Who is the Pathway to Recovery Success training programme for?

*To qualify for the 100% contribution, you must be a self-employed or sole trader and your business must be registered in the Sheffield City Region – Sheffield, Rotherham, Barnsley, or Doncaster Post Codes. You must be HMRC registered and have been trading for at least 9 – 12 months at the beginning of the course.

How do I apply for the Skills Bank 100% support contribution to the Business Training course?

To apply simply contact us with your name, business name, your email address and phone number.

To be considered for the Skills Bank 100% support contribution, please express your interest here

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