Brexit and the Implications for Training

We live in uncertain times. The meaning of Brexit is certainly unclear, and for good reason. The UK government does not wish to reveal the terms of the British exit from Europe. Revelations of any detail would endanger our effectiveness in negotiating conditions for exit, whatever that may mean. The political role of the UK in Europe might well undergo change depending on the terms of exit. How will this determine British foreign policy in the future? If the Iraq War destabilised the Middle East with a view to expanding the European Union, what is the British role now? How will our current intervention in the Middle East and our relationship with Russia change? 19% of UK gross domestic product depends on financial services, much of which depends on our relationship with Europe. 40% of international corporations use London as their base for Europe – what are the implications for this relationship?

The European Social Fund, in as far as training provision is concerned for a training company on the scale of Alternative Partnership, aims at the expansion of small to medium sized enterprises by upskilling the workforce. This is a proven method for encouraging company expansion and thereby generating economic activity both in geographical areas of deprivation and relative affluence. The provision of funding for such training is now, as with all matters relating to the UK relationship with the European Union, uncertain. Alternative Partnership has always been aware of this uncertainty and the precarious nature of depending entirely on fully funded training provision. For this reason, we have always sought to derive income from diverse, full-cost income streams.

Our online training courses in the general subject areas of Health and Safety, and Business Skills, are a highly cost-effective alternative to the fully funded provision for clients and companies seeking to develop and expand business activity, or to comply with current legislation.

Alternative Partnership is a centre of training approved by the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM). We deliver leadership and management training up to the level s comparable with Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. In addition, we have also been endowed with ILM status such that we can deliver endorsed programmes bespoke to the requirements of our clients. We are allowed to design programmes around an organisation’s particular circumstances according to a Training Needs Analysis.

Again, according to our status as an ILM-approved centre, we also provide Coaching and Mentoring to senior level management and executive level leaders in large organisations. We both engage with individuals as Coaches and we provide training and supervision for those wishing to earn qualifications and competencies as Coaches themselves. We have earned an excellent reputation for the provision of this service in the Higher Education sector.

A diversity of income streams is as solid a grounding that any organisation can obtain in uncertain times such as these. While it has been mentioned that 19% of UK gross domestic product depends on the financial services sector, that leaves 81% that does not (speaking from a macro-economic perspective). For more details on our diverse range of training opportunities, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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