Corporate Endorsement of In-House Leadership Training

Alternative Partnership is currently engaged in training members of Corporate Senior Management to train succeeding managers in an international commercial property company. We have been granted the authority by the Institute of Leadership and Management to train managers and leaders such that their capacity for training successors will be endorsed by ILM.

This endorsed status enables corporate senior management to engage, train and retain staff, uphold management capacity and yields recognised qualifications in-house.  Alternative Partnership has provided this unique service to a leading University in the region and will soon be expanding the academic portfolio to include other leading universities across the North.

This type of train-the-trainer delivery enables the development of vocational capacities and competencies in staff leaders including the ability to train people in techniques to build a team for excellent workplace performance. Senior staff members are furnished with an educative skillset such that they are able to train successors in skills to achieve positive results from difficult situations and the ability to communicate with greater assurance to get points across and achieve objectives. Overall, enrolled senior members of staff will be able to train successors in how to improve their personal impact and that of those they lead.

Essential to training the trainer is the communication of an understanding of the difference between leadership and management – an understanding of a variety of different leadership and management styles is key to this. Such an understanding forms a conceptual framework into which working knowledge of team dynamics and management, and the essentials of self-management fall into place. Further to this conceptual synthesis, senior staff come to an understanding of how to communicate how to manage the performance of the team and the individual. This is complemented by a working understanding, from both experience and knowledge, of role clarity, objective setting and review.

Senior management and leaders engaged in train-the-trainer education learn to pass on leadership and management essentials such as the importance of feeding back correctly and using interpersonal skills to gain the commitment of others. In addition to these, they are equipped to train successors, and potential leaders and managers, in how to deal with negative behaviour and attitudes, and how to handle difficult situations assertively for less stress.

Essential to communicating leadership and management skills and expanding capacities and competencies, senior members learn to impart the principles of workplace motivation and the key elements of motivation, along with how to coach staff and provide support to help them achieve their own personal objectives.

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