E Learning: The Advantages of Online Training Courses

Online learning is a fairly recent phenomenon and can be confusing for those at the first stages of engaging with an e Learning suite of programmes. The majority of business owners and employees will have experienced training in a classroom-type situation. Training is used by businesses for good reason: not many businesses fail to understand the benefits of training. People development is the first calling of leadership, and an organisation is as effective as its staff. A calculated investment in the development of employees will translate into an improvement in the bottom line.

Training is traditionally associated with events taking place at a certain time, at a certain place, in a certain geographical location, on a certain date. Online training courses can be engaged with when and where the individual learner sees fit. The learning does not have to be engaged with in one session; multiple sessions are an option. With more employees working on a self-employed basis in recent times, daily schedules of employees, managers and business owners are considerably less without structured regularity than previously was the case. The advantageous feature of being able to engage with online courses any time and any place is major recommendation.

For those employees who work for organisations on a permanent basis, online training offers similar flexibility – i.e. fitting in with the scheduling of work routines and procedures – while being extremely cost-effective. The cost is low, but the training is effective because it accommodates all learning styles. Some learners prefer to learn aurally; some prefer to learn visually; and some prefer to learn kinaesthetically. Another advantage of online training is that these three learning styles, in a very broad range of permutations, can be accommodated in the use of a combination of different formats: video, diagrams, text, verbal communication, statistics, charts, pictures and testing.

A further advantage, specifically in the case of the Alternative Partnership range of online training courses, is that they meet statutory requirements and are accredited where accreditation is applicable. Our online courses are approved by:

RoSPA: The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents

IATP: Independent Asbestos Training Providers

CPD: Continuing Professional Development

IIRSM: International Institute of Risk and Safety Management

Alternative Partnership online training courses are grouped into two main areas: Business Skills and Health & Safety.

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