ILM-Endorsed Bespoke Leadership & Management and Coaching Programmes

Leaders of large organisations at a diverse range of levels within those organisations cannot always be, and indeed usually are not, entirely prepared for roles of leadership. While many prospective and new leaders may well be aware that relationships between themselves and their peers will change once installed in the leadership role, they are not always prepared in the best ways in which to deal with those changes. Learning how to manage relationships with an appropriate degree of professional detachment while remaining approachable is an important facet of People Management with which leaders and managers would do well to furnish their skillsets. It may seem to be the case to many individuals that some individuals are natural leaders – that leadership and management skills are capacities rather than learned competencies with which some people are endowed by nature. Many people believe this intuitively because human beings are by nature hierarchical, like other primates.

At Alternative Partnership, we know that leadership and management skills can be learned by the majority of people who choose to ascend to such positions either by promotion or by entrepreneurship. While it may appear that certain individuals are leaders by nature, they will either have taken serious opportunities to learn the appropriate skills or their personal flaws will eventually shorten the duration of their occupancy.

Vital to engaging in a position of leadership effectively is the creation of a culture within the organisation that makes it relevant to the market and which promotes consistency of effective service or production. This might be called a Vision or an Ethos. This will be both strategised by policy and inspiring to others within the organisation and its clients. A broad range of different organisations in a diverse range of sectors, producing and supplying a considerable variety of products and services can have very different cultures to each other. Very different products and services requires very different practices. At Alternative Partnership, whether your organisation seeks coaching and mentoring to improve the leadership and management skills of your senior and mid-level staff, or to enhance the knowledge of managers by working through analyses of their operations and strategic duties, we can tailor-make the programmes to the requirements of your organisation.

We will sit down with you, listen and learn about the particular and general functions that result in your end product or service, and design bespoke programmes to suit the needs of your organisation directly. Such programmes will be endorsed by the Institute of Leadership and Management – we have attained the status, based on the example of prior successful delivery, to design programmes according to the requirements of your organisation that will be endorsed by ILM.

Not only can we deliver bespoke programmes based on a Training Needs Analysis of your organisation, we can train individual leaders within your organisation to train those succeeding them in those positions of leadership in those ILM-endorsed, bespoke programmes. This means that Alternative Partnership offers a service that effectively creates a self-perpetuating leadership succession planning unit within your organisation. We are currently furnishing leading universities, multi-national commercial property companies and other major corporations with this capacity. If you wish to raise your game and your company’s in cost-effective manner, contact Alternative Partnership: Delivering Development Differently.

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