People Management as we Approach the Summer Months

People Management as we Approach the Summer Months

Summer approaches, and that means that your employees will be inclined to make plans to go on holiday. The long school Summer holiday, which usually lasts around six weeks, necessitates that parents go on holiday in July and August. As a manager of employees, People Management is a skill that is particularly useful at this time of year. General competencies such as team development, performance management, coaching and self-management are essential when it comes to negotiating with staff, and balancing and evaluating the domestic needs of your employees.

In negotiating a holiday schedule with staff, certain skills and capacities must be drawn upon in order to satisfy the requirements of contractual obligation along with business continuity. A manager must be able to continue to develop the ability to lead others, delegate effectively for improved performance, and motivate the team to achieve the required results. Communication is essential and a manager must be able to communicate change effectively to the team and take a positive approach to discipline and manage conflict. It is essential , therefore, that managers feel confident in carrying out interviews and recruitment and understand the role of line managers in managing attendance and leave.

Alternative Partnership can help in developing the ability of managers and leaders to manage people in all business scenarios, including the topical circumstance of managing annual leave. We are specialists in Leadership and Management training. Every business needs inspirational leaders and skilled, effective managers. If you or your team members want to raise your game, we offer first-class development opportunities at Master’s Level and Degree Level, and for other levels in the hierarchy including team leaders, first line managers and departmental managers. Our qualifications are all nationally respected and accredited by leading bodies such as the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) and NCFE. We offer great flexibility in delivery too, and training can be delivered at all levels in the training room and in the workplace.

We can help managers to develop the skills and competencies that will enable them to understand roles and responsibilities and a variety of different management styles based on current thinking. We will help you to develop interpersonal communication and to understand the importance of maintaining and setting standards, and setting individual and team targets. We impress the importance of, and assist with the analysis of your current management responsibilities in to compartmentalised subject areas such as disciplinary interviews, motivation, delegation and practical Interviewing skills. Time-tested by experience and interpreted according to current thinking, Alternative Partnership Training Consultants help develop skills in those who manage people to plan and implement change, and to recognise and anticipate conflict in the workplace. We can train you and your staff to handle people issues effectively, manage attendance, deal with problematic issues such as persistent short term absence, and deal, overall, with difficult behaviour in your staff.

The negotiation of annual leave with employees need not be the minefield it can appear to be to the people manager. If you are a managing director and you think that your first line managers might need to continue their professional development in the ways mentioned, contact us. We will tailor training to your specific requirements, according to business need and in line with a training needs analysis of your organisation.

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