As European funding for the training of staff in small to medium size enterprises has become increasingly limited, alternative options arise. Where previously larger, though diminishing, sources of funding from Europe had enabled training providers to gain clients (employers) by virtue of an offer of fully funded training, the feasibility to do so is now reduced. The expansion of small to medium size enterprises via the education and training of staff and management was and is an effective investment. Political and economic uncertainty has resulted in uncertainty in opportunity and the curtailment of financial support.

At Alternative Partnership, we take the view that while funded training opportunities have been curtailed, those companies that still intend to expand via the proven method of staff and management training and education will nevertheless do so. For those companies with large staff numbers required to refresh their skillsets with Health & Safety training we offer Health & Safety eLearning at a highly cost-effective level of investment (courses start from £35 + VAT). Just as such courses are applicable to staff in large organisations, so they are to sole traders, managers and entrepreneurs. The same can be said of our Business Skills eLearning courses. This is a broad ranging suite of courses ideal for the entrepreneur, manager, business leader or sole trader.

While these courses take the place of those where funded opportunities have diminished because of the pertaining cost-effective investment, we also offer Leadership & Management training and Coaching and Mentoring to senior leaders, managers and strategists. We currently deliver such training and coaching to senior staff at leading universities in the North of England, and within other large private and public corporations.  In this way, we are able to cater to everyone at all levels given the current situation.

Our Leadership and Management training and Coaching and Mentoring can be offered on a bespoke basis in a self-perpetuating system of Leadership and Management succession planning. When Alternative Partnership tailor-makes a programme of learning according to the specific requirements of an organisation, its construction is made relative to a Training Needs Analysis (TNA) of your organisation.

Relevance is the key. Whether we are replacing the provision of funded training with cost-effective eLearning, or tailor-making and delivering bespoke programmes to leaders and managers, we make you relevant to your markets by staying relevant ourselves.

Alternative Partnership: Delivering Development Differently.

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